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Dressing Tip Videos

Let Silvert's introduce you to the benefits of adaptive clothing by providing informative Dressing Tip Videos:

What is Adaptive Clothing?

What is Adaptive Clothing?

What is adaptive clothing, and how can it help you care for your loved one? Let Michelle introduce you to our line of struggle-free apparel, and how it can give them an easier life.

Arthritic Front Closure Bra Dressing Video

Eezee Dressing Bra Video

Why struggle with a multitude of hooks and difficult back closure bras? The Eezee Bra is terrific for those with a limited range of motion, arthritis and/or handicapped disabilities.

Adaptive Tops and Dresses Dressing Video

Adaptive Tops & Dresses Video

Make dressing a breeze for those who are disabled, handicapped, are challenged by paralysis and mobility issues or suffer from Alzheimers.

Open Back Wheelchair Pants Dressing Video

Open Back Wheelchair Pants Video

Are you or your loved one wheelchair dependent or unable to weight bear? Open Back Pants allow the caregiver to dress the one they are caring for from a seated position.

Arthritic Side Opening Pants Dressing Video

Side Opening Arthiritis Pants Video

Are you arthritic, challenged by limited hand dexterity or just need a little help dressing? Side Opening Pants are the solution to all your dressing needs!

Arthritic Front Blouses with VELCRO® Brand closures

Arthritic Front Blouses with VELCRO® Brand closures

Do you need a little help dressing or are you challenged by limited hand mobility? Arthritic Front Blouses with VELCRO® Brand closures are the answer to all your dressing needs!



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