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Find Adaptive Clothing for U.S. Nursing Home residents

U.S. Nursing Home Directory

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Welcome to Our American Nursing Home Directory. This resource is provided to assist the caregiver and those they care for find local nursing facilities suited to their loved ones' needs. These long term care nursing homes cater to elderly seniors who may be disabled or handicapped. Many of these nursing facilites cater to Americans with arthritis, dementia, Alzheimer's, wheelchair dependency and incontinence issues.

Nursing home or long term care residents and patients are often admitted to nursing facilities due to physical disabilities. Disabled and handicap issues often cause their own set of problems. Daily dressing can become very challenging. As a result many nursing home patients utilize adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear. Adaptive clothing, shoes and slippers are designed with snaps and VELCRO® brand closures to offer struggle free dressing solutions to elderly senior women and men who are handicapped, have dementia or alzheimers or struggle with arthritis.


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