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Gifts for Elderly Women / Gift Ideas for Senior Women

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If it's that time of year again, you might be thinking about trying to find the best gift for the elderly women in your life that you know is hard to buy for. Finding Christmas gifts, birthday gifts and Mother's Day gifts for elderly women can be extremely difficult, especially if you need gift ideas for women who have everything. On top of getting gift ideas for women, you need something that they will truly appreciate. When looking for this list of top senior gift ideas for women, you can't just go and pick a generic present (most of those lists of unique gift ideas for women have nothing but generic gift ideas), you want something that’s truly special. Generally the best gift for senior women will be something that they use regularly and that will improve their lives immensely. Easy fashion ideas for senior women from family make gifts personal. Mom will love personalized gifts that offer ease of dressing to improve her quality of life. The best senior gift ideas are things that mom will use on a daily basis. Personalization is the key, in other words pick your mom's favorite color, style and fabric.

This is how we constructed our list of great gift ideas for senior women, which you can see below:

Great Gifts for Elderly Women

6 pairs of Non Slip Hospital Socks for Adults - 2 nonskid socks of each color in each package. Irresistible skid and slip resistant socks with treads or grips (rubber gripper socks)! Extra Comfy UNISEX Socks are skid resistant and slip resistant treads for safer wheelchair transfer. These rubber gripper socks for adults are offered in Regular Size & XL Size. No inside back seam to cause heel skin issues. Non-skid socks are perfect for acute care, outpatient and long term care patients. These anti slip non slippery hospital socks for adults are terrific for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing homes and retirement homes. Great for comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings. These slipper socks with grips are used in hospital and nursing home fall prevention programs. Hospitals utilize these socks because of the grips on the bottom of the slipper socks. Nursing homes promote the use of socks with non slip soles to help prevent elderly resident falls. Caregivers looking after their parents at home use these as house socks with grips to make life easier for both the parent they are caring for and the caregiver. These fuzzy womens and mens non slippery gripper bed socks for women and men by Silvert are a welcome gift for hospital and home care settings! These non slip resistant slipper socks for women and non slip resistant slipper socks for men are used as lounge socks, tread socks and sleep socks because they are so comfortable. These non slippery womens and mens gripper bed socks for women and men are a welcome gift for hospital and home care settings!
Womens Cardigan Sweater With Pockets - Quality Cardigan For Elderly Senior Women
From $44.62
Item: #13260
The Ideal Cardigan for a layer of warmth, colour and style. Acrylic knit with a rich all-over pattern and ribbed trim. Two patch pockets. Elegant gold-tone buttons. Quality machine washable acrylic by Silvert.
Save with 2 open back knit Hospital nightgowns and 2 pairs of non skid resistant slipper socks. 2 High quality Open Back Nightgowns that are really pretty. Our Newest Open Back Knit Nightgown is a true sleeping beauty. Detailed with lace trim and a decorative button. Pleated yoke for a comfortable, roomy fit. Short-sleeves. Quality machine washable 55% polyester-35% cotton. Full back overlap with snaps at shoulders. Great choice for nursing homes. The full back overlap of this adaptive sleep gown provides complete comfort and discretion unlike traditional tie back hospital nightgowns. The dome/snap closures are placed on the shoulders to avoid any pressure points. These back open adaptive hospital nightdresses are terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent.
Womens Designer Hospital Patient Gowns - Open Back Nightgowns For Women - Back Snap Night Gowns
From $27.88
Item: #26240
Our Newest Hospital Gowns are so beautifully embroidered and elegantly detailed they are great for lounging around. Softly gathered for a comfort fit. One functional button at neck. Long sleeves. Full back overlap with two snaps at each shoulder. Summerweight jersey knit polyester-cotton knit. These adaptive designer hospital patient gowns are terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or wheelchair dependent. Great choice for nursing homes, homecare or hospitals. If you know someone who requires adaptive clothing or handicap clothing these hospital night gowns makes a great gift choice.
Our Exclusive Winter Warm Wheelchair/Poncho Capes are adaptive handicap clothing at its best. This wheel chair clothing cape provides winter coat warmth for women and men in wheelchairs. The shorter back stays clear of wheels! It has an attached hood to help keep out the rain, and a convenient front zipper. Length of this warm poncho from back of neck to hem is 41 inches at the front and 26 inches at the back to stay clear of wheels. This wheel chair clothing poncho cape is made of durable water repellent polyester-cotton with plush pile lining for warmth. Enjoy faux sheep skin fur pile lining throughout this entire cape. These adaptive poncho styled wheelchair coats for wheelchair users by Silvert are terrific for elderly/seniors who are disabled or handicapped. It is also machine washable for convenience.
Womens Extra Extra Wide Width Adaptive Slippers - Deep Diabetic & Edema Slippers
Item: #10100
The Best Extra, Extra Wide Fit Women's Slippers with VELCRO® brand fasteners accommodate even the most swollen feet and swollen ankles in fabulous comfort. Order your exact size to ensure proper fit - Do not go up a size to accommodate width or swelling. A great choice for elderly with bunions, corns, hammer toes, foot edema, diabetes and podiatry foot problems. The wide width slipper opening features VELCRO® brand fastener closures. Skid-resistant non slip slipper soles. Memory foam insoles for the ultimate in comfort! Anti-bacterial to control odor and stains. This slipper has been worn as a shoe. Terrific for those with arthritis or lowered hand dexterity. These adjustable wide width slippers make the best diabetic slipper for women. Extra-roomy deep WW wide width slippers for swollen feet and ankles are great for patients in hospitals, post surgery, nursing home patients residents and retirement homes. These Extra Wide Width Women's Bedroom or House Slippers by Silvert are perfect for comfortable casual use in the home and for home care settings.
Womens Bed Jacket Cape - Bed Fleece Shawl - Ladies Hospital Bed Jacket
Item: #30290
New! Bed Jacket Capes, beautifully designed to hug your shoulders with warmth. Fastens with a stylish button. Quality Polar Fleece Bed Jackets. This fleece bedjacket is terrific for lounging in bed and a great alternative to robes. Makes a great gift addition for those wearing a cotton or flannel open back nightgown or regular nightgown for women. Great for extra warmth for bedridden patients, a bed bound patient, rehabilitation care, nursing care, home care and upper arm paralysis. This bed jacket by Silvert for ladies is a great sleepwear addition to any ones wardrobe.
Stylishly Comfortable Fleece LapWrap Capes make a warm and wonderful gift. Perfectly sized lap robe to go over the lap as a laperobe blanket or around the shoulders. These laprobes are machine washable by Silvert.
Fleece Arm Protectors. Keep hands and arms warm while leaving fingers free. Help protect fragile skin and/or delicate skin conditions. Protective arm sleeves for elderly. Terrific for everyday indoor warmth or for added warmth against the elements. Machine washable by Silvert.
Ankle to knee style and warmth with no rough seams, just pure comfort. Help protect fragile skin and/or delicate skin conditions. Made of quality machine washable fleece by Silvert.
  • Front fold-down panel
  • Secured with VELCRO® closure
  • Elastic waist
  • Super soft stretch denim
  • Side pockets

These Adaptive Pants have a real jean style with a really comfortable fit. Two large pockets are detailed with studs and contrast stitching. These Adaptive Arthritis Jean Pants are Side Opening soft denim Pant Slacks with VELCRO® brand fasteners to make arthritic dressing a breeze! These easy to put on jeans feature VELCRO® brand strips on both sides of the waistband allow for adjustable, struggle free dressing. The front fold-down panel provides slip-on ease from a wheelchair or seated position. The back pant/slack waistband is elasticized, and handy side flap pockets provide added convenience. Made of quality machine washable stretchy cotton polyester blend. This adaptive handicapped pant/slack with VELCRO® brand fasteners is terrific for elderly/seniors who suffer from arthritis or are disabled or wheelchair dependent. This jean provides easy access for those who may have incontinence issues. This item is usually offered in a full figure plus size clothing range. A great product for home care, retirement, nursing home and care home settings. A terrific gift for anyone experiencing a handicap whether lowered hand dexterity or limited mobility by Silvert!
Transfer Your Loved Ones Easily with high quality pants designed to move disabled persons with improved ease and comfort. Have you ever found when transferring someone that you or a caregiver are holding them by the pants? Try transfering a loved one or patient with heavy duty nylon handles instead.
Transfer Your Loved Ones Easily with high quality fleece pants designed to move disabled persons with improved ease and comfort. Have you ever found when transferring someone that you or a caregiver are holding them by the pants? Try transfering a loved one or patient with heavy duty nylon handles instead.

What makes these gift ideas for older women so great is that they are focused entirely on making her life easier and more comfortable. Good gift ideas for women aren’t always difficult to come by, but when you are selecting gifts for senior citizens you should keep those two points in mind. These gift ideas for older women work just as well as Christmas gifts for senior women as they do as birthday gift ideas for elderly women, not to mention the fact that they can just be given to show that you’re thinking about them.

We have been searching for the best birthday gift ideas for senior women for years, and these options have become our de facto standard answers when people ask us about gift ideas for elderly women. If you have any questions about any of these gift ideas for senior citizens, or you have someone in mind with specific things that they might want, then contact us today. We will be able to provide you with customized gifts for senior women that they will love!

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