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Quality Adaptive Clothing & Footwear

Shoes and slippers with VELCRO(r) brand fasteners for swollen feet Arthritis side opening pants with VELCRO(r) brand fasteners Arthritis front opening blouses with VELCRO(r) brand fasteners Wheelchair pants for disabled adults and elderly senior citizens
  • Comfortable, Affordable Struggle-Free Dressing
  • Perfect for Seniors, Elderly & Disabled Adults
What is Adaptive Clothing?
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I have dealt with Silverts for many years and they have always provided excellent customer service. They are very accommodating to seniors needs and are more than willing to exchange items until the customer is satisfied.


Silvert's Basics • Silvert's Adaptive Clothing/Apparel for Women & Men
Non Skid / Anti Slip Grip Socks For Women / Mens Non Slip Grip Socks - Hospital Socks
$6.98 USD CAD
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Item: #19140
Snap Open Back Undervest - Adaptive Apparel For Women
$16.98 USD CAD
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Item: #28020
Are you a Nursing Home? Silvert's can help!
Arthritic Front Closing Bras - Arthritis Clothing For Women
$34.98 USD CAD
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Item: #18440
Adaptive Wheelchair Clothing Pants Slack - Adaptive Clothes
$39.98 USD CAD
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Item: #23080
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Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Swollen Feet - Diabetic & Edema
$49.98 USD CAD
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Item: #10105
Mens VELCRO® Pants With VELCRO® Brand Straps - Arthritis Easy Access Clothing
$44.98 USD CAD
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Item: #50660
Non Skid / Anti Slip Grip Hospital Socks For Women - 6 Pack - Mens Non Slip Grip Socks
$29.98 USD CAD
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Item: #19150

Silvert's men's & women's adaptive clothing/apparel and footwear is designed specifically for those facing physical challenges or for elderly seniors with arthritis, handicap, disabled or lowered mobility issues. Silvert's adaptive clothing/apparel for women and men incorporates domes/snaps, VELCRO® brand closures, Easy Touch and Zipper closures in order to facilitate ease of dressing.

Silvert's carries a complete line of high quality clothing/apparel for the elderly.

Now you can find Senior Care Disability Apparel or Adaptive Clothing/Apparel for Women and Men that goes on quick and easy!

We carry a complete men's and women's line of high-quality, affordable elderly senior care clothing/apparel for the caregiver — and the people they care for. Clothing for the disabled/handicapped simplifies self-dressing and aided dressing by utilizing unique features, such as discreet VELCRO® brand or snap closures. From elegant open back dresses to comfortable VELCRO® brand fastener shoes and Diabetes socks to cozy open back hospital nightgowns/socks.

  • Enjoy attractive VELCRO® brand fastener back closing dresses, snap back dresses and comfortable Open Back Adaptive Tracksuits. Self-dressing or aided dressing is made even easier with special features discreetly hidden in everything from our arthritis clothing to our Alzheimers clothing and wheelchair clothing.
  • Stylish Men's Adaptive Clothing Wheelchair tracksuits: easy access features mean pure convenience and comfort for the wheelchair-dependent people or those who have incontinence issues. Perfect clothing for Home Care, Home Health Care, Nursing Homes, and Assisted Living.
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