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British Columbia Canada Nursing Home Directory

Find Adaptive Clothing for British Columbia Nursing Home residents

Special Offer for British Columbia Nursing Home & Home Care Clothing and Footwear
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Silvert's, Canada's leader in adaptive clothing and disabled clothing, is happy to provide you with this British Columbia long term care facility nursing home directory.

Find nursing home facilities in British Columbia, Canada. Choose from the cities below:

Seniors often enter nursing homes or long term care facilities when physical disabilities challenge their ability to cope independently. Many come from a home care or retirement setting. Physical disabilities or a handicap can alter a seniors ability to cope with day-to-day living. Dressing and undressing may present its own set of challenges for caregivers and seniors. As a result many nursing home resident patients and long term care patients use adaptive clothing and adaptive footwear. Senior citizens adaptive clothing and footwear takes into consideration functionality and comfort by incorporating snaps and VELCRO® brand closures to ensure that nursing home residents are able to dress easily. Adaptive clothing offers struggle-free dressing solutions to senior men and senior women who require handicapped clothing, Alzheimer's clothing, disabled clothing, arthritis clothing and nursing home clothing. Adaptive clothing can be stylish and fashionable while incorporating the functionality of special needs clothing for disabled adults who may require stroke clothing, ALS clothing, diabetes clothing, spinal cord injury clothing, wheelchair clothing and multiple sclerosis clothing.

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